Male and female he created them

The Priscilla and Aquila Centre launch conference
Monday 7 February, 2011, Moore College

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Session 1:

Introducing the Priscilla and Aquila Centre

Introductory talk

Jane Tooher (PDF).

Introductory talk

John Woodhouse (PDF).

Talk 1: Genesis 1–3

Peter Jensen (not recorded).

Session 2

Talk 2: Genesis 1–3 + Q & A

Peter Jensen (not recorded).


  • Equality? Unity? Is one more biblical? (Mark Thompson) (PDF of outline)
  • Working with men (Kara Gilbert and Tracey Gowing)
  • Women’s ministry: a personal reflection (Tara Thornley)
  • Ministry as a married couple: a personal testimony (Stewart and Helen Binns)
  • Conflict in marriage (Keith Condie)
  • Working with women (Phil Wheeler, Joshua Ng, Rick Smith and Paul Dale)
  • Reaching men and women in our broken world (Hayley Neal)
  • Does Gen 1-3 have implications for men and women in the workplace? (Caroline Spencer, Mark Thompson, John Woodhouse) (PDF of Caroline Spencer’s paper)

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