Side by side: 1 and 2 Timothy

The Priscilla and Aquila Centre 2012 conference
Monday 6 February 2012, Moore College

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Session 1


Jane Tooher.


Talk 1: 1 Timothy 2

John Woodhouse (PDF).


Short talk on modesty

Jane Tooher.

Session 2

Talk 2: 1 Timothy 2 + Q&A

John Woodhouse.

Talk (MP3):

Q&A (MP3):


Overseers and deacons in the Pastorals

Con Campbell and Alli Street (PDF of outline).

Ministering overseas

Kellie Nicholas.

Kicking off for the long haul

Laura Maddock and Geoff Lin (PDF of outline).

Like fathers and mothers: ministry to older people

Al and Sarah Seabrook. (Not recorded)

Living out 1 Timothy 2: A personal testimony

Kara Gilbert.

Widows and 1 Timothy 5

Andrew Ford and Marg Orpwood. (Not recorded.)

Appropriate teaching? Women upfront in the Sunday service

Craig Roberts, Phil Wheeler, Phil Colgan, Warwick de Jersey, Antony Barraclough.

Teaching the letter of 2 Timothy to children

Bruce Linton and Sarah Lancaster. (Not recorded.)

Student ministers: is it worth it?

Kate Haggar, Daniel Morris, Nikki Hokin. (PDF of outline.)

Married and in multicultural ministry

Ben and Sally. (Not recorded.)

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