The Christian and submission

The Priscilla and Aquila Centre 2016 conference

Monday 1 February 2016, Moore College

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Session 1

Jesus and submission

Mark Thompson.

Session 2

The Christian and submission + Q & A

Mark Thompson.

Introduction to the Centre for Christian Living

Tony Payne, Director of the Centre for Christian Living.

Equal But Different

Claire Smith on Equal But Different.

On doing a research degree

Beth Webb.


A life of submission: Jane Barker

Jane Tooher.

Abigail: A godly woman with a fool for a husband?

John Woodhouse.

“Slaves, submit to your masters”: Understanding and applying the slavery passages

Peter Orr.

Domestic violence: A pastor’s perspective

Sandy Grant.

Submission: Understanding a relationally rich word

Peter Bolt and Claire Smith.

Modesty: More than dressing decently

Jim and Lesley Ramsay. (Cancelled.)

Speaking about submission to children and youth

Pete Tong, Deb Earnshaw and Adrian Foxcroft.

Submission: A personal testimony

Tara Stenhouse and Kate Haggar.

Submission: A personal testimony

Al Seabrook and Brett Hall.

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