Servants of God: The role of women in Luke’s story of Jesus

The Priscilla and Aquila Centre 2018 conference

Monday 5 February 2018, Moore College

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Session 1

Servants of the Lord: Women at the announcement of salvation

Pete Tong.

Session 2

Servants of the Lord: Women at the accomplishment of salvation

Pete Tong.

Women in the early church

Tara Stenhouse.

Book reviews

Jane Tooher.

GAFCON endorsement

Peter Jensen.


Divorce and remarriage: An exploration of biblical principles

Mark Thompson.

Men and women in the image of God

Andrew Leslie.

Singleness in life and ministry: A personal testimony

Jane Tooher.

Encouraging women in a variety of ministries

Ben Gray, Cathey Clarke, Nathan Walter, Emma Thornett.

Falling in love with this world

Peter Jensen.

Co-leading mixed Bible study groups

Phil and Jill Wheeler, with Elizabeth Janssen.

Resilience: the new buzz word or a critical issue in our ministry age?

Kara Hartley and Kirsty Bucknell.

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