Study leave

for ministry workers

Do you have at least one week study leave from your ministry position?

Moore College offers a ministers study leave program that you might enjoy. You can choose something to work on—e.g. Bible study material on Ephesians—and you would then meet up with a faculty member to discuss your work. You can also join the college community at chapel, and eat meals with students and faculty. You would have access to the library, and you would be able to attend any lectures.

What past participants have to say

Caroline West

“22 years ago, I started as a ministry trainee at a London church, worked on the staff for another four years before going to Wycliffe Theological College in Oxford for two years. I am now employed on the staff team of a church in Basingstoke as a permanent deacon with responsibility for the women and children’s ministries.

“In February 2009, I was granted study leave, and despite my uncertainty about eligibility, I approached Moore College to study there. I was warmly welcomed and was delighted to be able to attend for six weeks, and what a truly wonderful six weeks they were! I was able to study away from all the normal pressures of ministry, use the library, attend lectures and, best of all, have tutorials with a member of the faculty. I also met up with students thinking about similar ministries, and met others serving in women and children’s ministries, and this enabled me to think through why we do what we do. I also visited various different churches.

“The whole experience was hugely encouraging, stimulating and refreshing, enabling me to have the time to think through many areas of ministry that often get put on the back burner. There was also the added bonus of leaving cold and snowy England to enjoy sun, sea and stunning scenery!”

(Caroline West, St Mary’s Basingstoke, England.)

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