The Priscilla and Aquila Centre hosts seminars for training men and women. These seminars are for preachers, teachers of God’s word, Bible study leaders, youth group leaders, and Christians generally. Feel free to come with your Bible Study group.

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8 August 2019

Richard Coekin

Richard Coekin

The Titus strategy

The Titus strategy: A fresh look at learning the lessons of Titus in the life and leadership of today’s churches

God has much to teach all of us in the short book of Titus. Come and join us for the evening as Richard Coekin takes us through an overview of the book, with a special focus on (i) elders, and (ii) the ministries of women that Titus mentions.  You should leave having a good handle on what Titus is about, and how it applies to our lives and churches today. This evening is aimed at women and men, whether you are in a formal Bible teaching role or not. Please come along with any questions you have about Titus that you would like to ask Richard.

Cost: General admission: $15. (Discounts available for groups.) MTC Community: free.

6:30pm: coffee and cake.

7:00-9:00pm: Talk from Richard Coekin and Q&A in Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College, 1 King St, Newtown.


Richard Coekin is the Director of the Co-Mission church-planting movement, and Senior Pastor of Dundonald Church in London. Richard is a Bible teacher, church planter, and he has been involved in launching other ministries such as, the 9:38 Ministry Training Strategy, the Passion for Life mission, and most recently The Planting Collective. He is also involved in a Bible ministry to Members of Parliament in Westminster. He is the author of several books including Our Father, The Reluctant Evangelist and Gospel DNA. He is married to Siân and they have five children.

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14 October

Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen

Recruiting women into vocational ministry

Monday, 14 October, 2:00-3:30pm, Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College, 1 King St, Newtown.

Today’s woman expects to go to work. Many women would love to work in the ministry of the gospel. Who should we recruit? How do we go about recruiting? What should be her expectations? How does this recruiting differ to recruiting a man into ministry?

This session is important for men and women interested in the ministries of women in the spread of the gospel. This talk is open for all, and will be especially helpful for those in positions of recruiting, training and employing women in ministry positions.

Phillip’s talk will be followed by a Q&A session.

Cost: FREE.


Phillip Jensen is a Bible teacher, an evangelist, and he serves with Two Ways Ministries, which exists to grow the network of Christians who, by living single-mindedly for Christ, will teach the Bible in such a way as to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. He is the author of Two Ways to Live along with other publications, including Guidance and the Voice of God.

Phillip has been recruiting, training, employing and sending out women into vocational ministry for over 40 years. He has trained and worked with a variety of women in terms of their different gifting, skills, personalities, ministries they have been involved in and what ministries they want to do in the future.

It is a great privilege that Phillip, who has been at the forefront of encouraging women into vocational ministry and who has made that happen by appointing hundreds of female ministry trainees over the years, employing women as senior staff and encouraging women into Moore College, has agreed to come and speak on this topic. It will be a great afternoon, so please come along and bring others with you who are keen for more women to be involved in God’s great plan to build Christ’s church and telling the lost of Jesus’ love for them.


30 October

Jane Tooher

Jane Tooher

Tony Payne

Tony Payne

Topic TBA

This is a combined event with Moore’s Centre for Christian Living (CCL). CCL seeks to bring Biblical ethics to everyday issues, 



  • General admission: $15 (earlybird); $20 after 23 October. MTC Community: free with special booking code.
  • Livestream: $10 for individuals; $25 for groups.

7:00pm: Doors open.

7:30-9:00pm: Talk from Jane Tooher and Tony Payne, and Q&A in Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College, 1 King St, Newtown.

9:00pm: Supper provided in the Knox Centre.


Jane Tooher serves on the faculty of Moore College and is Director of Moore’s Priscilla & Aquila Centre (P&A).

Tony Payne is the Director of Moore College’s  Centre for Christian Living (CCL), and is the Executive Director of Matthias Media. He is in the final stages of completing a PhD.

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Past evening seminars

2 May 2019

Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen

Do widows matter today?

Do widows matter today?

The world for women has changed. Marriage and motherhood have been replaced by divorce and independence. Living alone is becoming normal. Is God still a “defender of widows”? Does true religion still involve “visiting widows and orphans”? Does the church still have a responsibility for its widows—and if so, what is it? Come and be challenged about this often overlooked teaching of the Bible.

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