The P&A Centre holds a conference each year to (i) encourage women in a variety of ministries & to (ii) think more seriously and creatively about how men and women can work better together in ministry.

Annual Conference 2018 'Servants of God: the role of women in Luke’s story of Jesus'

Conference Details

Main speaker: Pete Tong

  • Monday February 5, 2018
  • 9am-5pm (coffee from 8:30am)
  • Moore College,
    1 King St
    Newtown 2042


UPDATE 17/11/17: Gary & Fiona Millar have had to pull out of speaking and Pete Tong has graciously stepped in to now be the main speaker.

Pete Tong won’t be speaking on Genesis men and women, rather he’ll speak on ‘Servants of God: the role of women in Luke’s story of Jesus’. Further details to come.

Besides a change in the main talks, this also means that 2 electives are no longer happening (Fiona and Gary Millar’s + also Pete Tong and Deb Earnshaw’s). And Phil & Jill Wheeler will now be on following afternoon tea. For those already registered, you should of received an email asking if you’d like a refund or if you need to change electives, what your new choices are. Thanks for your patience at this time. Any problems or questions, please contact me,  Jane Tooher 

If you’d like to attend and there are financial restraints, please contact

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About our Morning Speakers

Pete Tong works on the ministry staff at St Andrew’s...

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Pete Tong

Pete Tong works on the ministry staff at St Andrew’s Anglican church Wahroonga where he preaches, leads Night Church and responsible for Family Ministry. Having been a visiting lecturer in 2014 – 15, Peter joined the Faculty at Moore in 2017 where he teaches Greek and New Testament two days a week

Tara Stenhouse - Women in the early church

Description: Many claim that Christianity is bad for women, even...

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Tara Stenhouse - Women in the early church

Description: Many claim that Christianity is bad for women, even oppressive. But what about the experience of women in the early church? Why were they attracted to Christianity? What evidence do we have outside the Bible? Tara will share some brief reflections.

Tara is the Dean of Women at Moore College and oversees the pastoral care of the women students including the community of women living in Carillion House. She teaches in the Ministry Department and enjoys discussing how we serve together as women and men. Tara is married to Ian and they serve at Randwick Presbyterian Church, where Ian is the Senior Minister.

Elective Information

Electives A - Before Afternoon Tea

1. Divorce and Remarriage: An Exploration of Biblical Principles

Mark Thompson

Description: In this elective, Mark will explore the Bible’s teaching on marriage, divorce and remarriage.

Level of talk: Popular academic

Mark Thompson

Mark has been Principal of Moore College since May 2013. He has been teaching doctrine here since 1991 and is the head of the Theology, Philosophy and Ethics department. Mark is married to Kathryn and they have 4 daughters: Elizabeth, Anna, Rachel and Mary.

2. Men and women in the image of God

Andrew Leslie

Description: Andrew will be exploring the topic of the image of God. For something which seems so fundamental to a biblical understanding of humanity, it has proven quite elusive and difficult to define. How should we think of the image of God, and does gender have anything to do with it?

Level of talk: Academic

Andrew Leslie

Andrew joined the faculty of Moore in July 2013 and lectures in Christian doctrine. He served in the parishes of North Sydney and Strathfield before embarking on postgraduate study. Andrew is married to Felicity and they have 3 young children.

3. Singleness in life and ministry: A personal testimony

Jane Tooher

Description: Jane will share her experience of being a single woman in life and ministry who has never married, and what other people – single, married, separated, divorced, remarried, widowed – have taught her about singleness.

Level of Talk: Popular

Jane Tooher

Jane serves on the faculty of Moore College where she lectures in Ministry, Church History and New Testament. She is the Director of Moore’s Priscilla & Aquila Centre. Before joining the faculty, Jane served in parish ministry in London and Sydney. She lives in Newtown with her niece and 2 nephews.

4. Encouraging women in a variety of ministries

Ben Gray, Cathey Clarke, Nathan Walter, Emma Thornett

Description: From staff teams to individual relationships, from families to our Sunday services, we’ll be drawing from our various experiences and contexts to think about ways in which we can be encouraging women in ministry. Whether in a formal role within church or in the everyday walk of Christian discipleship, how can we encourage women to be growing and serving; influencing and contributing to lives and ministries in a way that is centred on God’s word and promotes the growth and flourishing of his people?

Level of Talk: Popular

Ben Gray

Ben is the Senior Minister at All Saints Anglican Church in Petersham, where he lives and ministers alongside his wife Sara and their five children and one dog. He’s previously served in churches in Sydney’s south and west. He’s thankful for Sydney beaches, coffee, and enjoys being a theoretical cyclist.

Cathey Clarke

Cathey is married to Bruce who is the senior minister at St Matthew’s Manly. They have 3 adult children. Cath worked in paid church ministry prior to having her family. She enjoys serving in Women’s Bible Study Ministry, Welcoming & Prayer Ministries at St Matthew’s. Cathey works part time in Women’s Health as a Registered Nurse, and she love the arts, sewing, reading & being outdoors.

Nathan Walter

Wal (Nathan Walter) was an Assistant Minister at Christ Church St Ives for 12 years, before becoming the Senior Minister at Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church in December 2016. He is married to Sarah with four boys.

Emma Thornett

Details to come later

Electives B – After Afternoon Tea

1. Falling in love with this world

Peter Jensen

Description: We have entered a period of deep ignorance about the Bible and the invention of a new morality based on a philosophy of egalitarianism. It is very tempting for Christians to embrace this. But we have a better story which impacts not least on the relations between men and women. Let’s hold it, model it and promote it.

Level of Talk: Popular Academic

Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen teaches Christian Doctrine and its application to our world. He has been Principal of Moore College and Archbishop of Sydney. He is now the General Secretary of the world-wide Anglican movement for the defence of the gospel, called GAFCON.

2. Co-leading mixed Bible study groups

Phil and Jill Wheeler (with others)

Description: to come later

Level of Talk: Popular

Phil & Jill Wheeler

3. Resilience - the new buzz word or a critical issue in our ministry age?

Kara Hartley and Kirsty Bucknell

Description: Currently there is a lot of talk about burn-out and resilience in ministry. How do we ensure we last to the end, yet still maintain an attitude of sacrificial service? Kara and Kirsty will explore these issues from theological, scientific and experiential perspectives.

Level of Talk: Popular

Kara Hartley

Kara is the Archdeacon for Women’s Ministry in the Sydney Diocese. She is involved with teaching the Bible to women at events, conferences and retreats; meeting with and supporting women in ministry as well as recruitment and training women for ministry. Kara is married to Brett and they live in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Brett and Kara attend St John’s at Sutherland.

Kirsty Bucknell

Kirsty Bucknell is an endorsed organisational psychologist. Kirsty works with the Centre for Ministry Development and MT&D, with a particular focus on developing and sustaining those in ministry. Kirsty is married to Ian and they have two high-school aged children. They attend Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church.

Annual Conference 2019

Main speaker: Graham Beynon (Pastor of Grace Church Cambridge & Faculty member of Oak Hill College London)

  • 4 February 2019

2019 P&A conference – February 4th

Further details to come later

Main speaker: Graham Beynon (Senior Pastor of Grace Church Cambridge & Faculty member of Oak Hill College).

Graham Beynon believes in the local church and in theological training for the sake of the local church. He tries to fulfil these convictions by being senior pastor of Grace Church, Cambridge, and Director of Independent Ministry Training at Oak Hill theological college in North London.

Graham believes we need church leaders and workers who are biblically grounded, theologically astute, historically aware and pastorally focused. He teaches on a variety of areas at Oak Hill including leadership, church polity, church history and corporate worship.

His PhD was from St Andrews University, examining the theology of Isaac Watts. He is the author of a number of books including Money Counts (2016, The Good Book Co.), Isaac Watts: His Life and Thought (2013, Christian Focus), Emotions: Living Life in Colour (2012, IVP), Planting for the Gospel: A Hands on Guide to Church Planting (2011, Christian Focus), Mirror, Mirror: Discover Your True Identity in Christ (2008, IVP), and God’s New Community: New Testament Patterns for Today’s Church (2005, IVP).

Graham was previously an audiological scientist working with hearing and balance disorders. He then moved to pastor churches in Leicester and Cambridge. He has particularly been involved in leading church plants. He is married to Charis and they have three children. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV with Charis, walking with their dog, trying his hand at DIY, watching sport and playing 5-a-side football.

Elective speakers (further details to come)

(i) Charis Beynon (topic to be confirmed )

(ii) Proverbs 31 – Chris Thomson

(iii) Gender & the Trinity – David Hohne

(iv) Thinking theologically – thoughts to application – Tony Payne

Other electives to come later

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