Annual conference

The P&A Centre holds a conference each year to encourage women in a variety of ministries and think more seriously and creatively about how men and women can work better together in ministry.

This conference is aimed primarily at women and men in vocational ministry, but others are most welcome. It has a two-fold aim:

  1. encourage women in a variety of ministries and
  2. help us all think more seriously and creatively about how women and men can work better in ministry.

It focuses on the application end of complementarianism.

Find audio and video from the 2019 Priscilla & Aquila conference

“The 2019 Priscilla & Aquila Centre conference was excellent. Graham Beynon’s talks were thought-provoking, relevant, helpful, and will change the way I do things. I loved what was said about William and Margaret Cowper and the sameness of the gospel, despite the 160 years between us and them—lots to be thankful for there. And the electives were practical and relevant.

“Thanks for all the work that was put into the day—very fruitful! I’m glad I was there.”


“The 2019 Priscilla & Aquila Centre conference has moved me from seeing complementarianism from a ‘thing which is right’ and to be accepted, to a ‘thing which is positive’ and to be embraced.

“My husband said it was the best conference he has ever been to, and that it will help him give greater value to non-preaching word ministries, especially those carried out by women.”


2020 conference (Monday 3 February)

Main speaker

Nick Tucker

Nick will speak on Paul’s application of Genesis 2-3 to relationships between men and women in the Church, seeing how both Ephesians 5 and 1 Timothy 2 are expressions of his understanding of humanity.

About Nick

Nick is Vicar of St Bartholomew’s Edgbaston in Birmingham, England. He previously served with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) supporting Universities in Birmingham and the West Midlands region and was then, after theological training and a Curacy, on the faculty at Oak Hill College, where he taught Church History and Doctrine. He studied under David Bebbington for his PhD on the influence of Romanticism on Edward Irving’s Christology and is engaged in a number of writing projects alongside his pastoral work in the parish. He is married to Sam and they have three kids. Nick has always enjoyed sport and is currently attempting to train for an Ironman Triathlon.


Gentleness as a Christian virtue

Peter Orr

Gentleness is an easily over-looked Christian characteristic. However, not only does Jesus use it to describe himself and not only does Paul list it as an aspect of the fruit of the Spirit, it is a particularly important aspect of Christian character in an age marked by outrage and cynicism. In this session we will think about what gentleness is and isn’t and how it relates to femininity and masculinity (particularly ‘toxic masculinity’).

Level: Popular Academic.



About Peter

Peter is married to Emma and they have 4 school age sons. He has been on the faculty of Moore College since 2014, lecturing in New Testament. Originally from Northern Ireland, he has had ministry experience in London, Romania and Melbourne.

Peter’s publications include Exalted Above The Heavens: The Risen And Ascended Christ (ed. D.A. Carson; NSBT; Leicester: IVP, 2018); ‘Abounding in the Work of the Lord (1 Cor 15:58): Everything we do as Christians or Specific Gospel Work?’ (Themelios 38.2 2013); and ‘Clarity: The Presence of Christ in the Proclamation of the Word’ in Doctrine for Declaration: Explorations in the Theological Foundations for Biblical Preaching (eds. C. Kuhn & P. Grimmond; Bellingham: Lexham, forthcoming).

The influence of Christian women in First-wave Feminism

Colin Bale



Claire Smith


Men and women leading youth group together

Pete Tong, Adrian Foxcroft & other speaker TBC


Working with men: Two personal perspectives

Caroline Litchfield and Jeanette Chin

Having difficult conversations with women

Malcolm and Julia Williams



John Woodhouse



Sam Tucker


Future conferences

2021: Monday, 1 February: Genesis Women. Main speaker: Gary Millar, with Fiona Millar.


  • Original sin and domestic violence (Andrew Leslie)
  • Reading & teaching the Old Testament throughout the years: a personal reflection (Helen Jensen). Helen will speak on preparing and writing bible studies on the Old Testament. She will give examples of bible studies and delegates will begin to write a bible study in the elective. 
  • The other half of church: encouraging people to live out the one another commands once the official church service is over (Margie & Simon Gillham)
  • Topic to be confirmed (Lesley Ramsay & Avril Lonsdale)
  • Susannah Spurgeon (Kara Hartley)
  • Man is born of woman – raising sons (Niki Radloff with Ben & Matthew Radloff)
  • Other electives TBC

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