Singleness, marriage, divorce and remarriage in ministry

The Priscilla and Aquila Centre 2014 conference

Monday 3 February 2014, Moore College

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Session 1

Singleness in ministry

Phillip Jensen.

Marriage in ministry

Phillip Jensen.

Session 2

Divorce and remarriage in ministry

Phillip Jensen.


Men and women in ministry together: Does cultural background make a difference?

Greg Anderson, Michael Safari, and Priya and David Morgan. (Seti Latu absent.)

Ministering to others and encouraging them in ministry, whatever your marital status is and whatever their marital status is

Peter and Christine Jensen.

Married in ministry through the various life stages

Jim and Lesley Ramsay and David Starling. (Nicole Starling absent.)

Divorce and remarriage in ministry: A personal testimony

Andrew and Helen Mitchell. (Not recorded.)

Being single in ministry: A personal testimony

Lisa Thompson, Dave Freeman, Dani Treweek.

The relationship between women on staff and staff wives

Lois Hagger, and Phil and Jill Wheeler.

Complementarian marriage myths busted

Keith and Sarah Condie.

Divorce and remarriage: An exploration of my understanding of what the Bible teaches on this issue

John Woodhouse. (PDF.)

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