The Priscilla and Aquila Centre invites people to partner with it in prayer and financial giving. We also partner with the next generation of women leaders assisting in their training and growth.

Prayer Partners

If you would like to receive emails about the work of the Priscilla & Aquila Centre with points of thanks and prayer, these are included in the prayer letters of Moore College. Enter you details below to sign up as a prayer partner for Moore College.

Financial Partners

If you would like to give financially to the ministry of The Priscilla and Aquila Centre, your donation will go to the following:


Scholarships for women pursuing post-graduate research (MTh or PhD) study at Moore Theological College, or who are in partnership with the Priscilla & Aquila Centre and are studying elsewhere. We would like to build a scholarship fund for women doing research degrees. However we currently do not have this kind of funding in P&A reserves (August 2016). (You can read about some of the women who are being supported in other ways by the Priscilla & Aquila Centre below.) Moore College does have a scholarship for women doing research degrees at Moore. Please email for more information.

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Giving financially to support our female students

There are currently two women either enrolled at Moore or who are in partnership with the Priscilla & Aquila Centre doing research degrees or about to begin their degree. You can support them directly if you prefer (i.e. not giving to the Priscilla & Aquila research fund) by emailing Jane. You can do this to receive their prayer updates and/or details of how to financially support them.

Beth Webb

 Enrolled in a MTh at Moore College

“My husband and I have been involved in parish ministry in south-west of Sydney and have had many opportunities to be involved in cross-cultural ministry…”


More about Beth

Alongside these experiences, I chose to write my thesis exploring how Graeme Goldsworthy’s hermeneutic allows scripture to speak. My goal is to understand how people from all different backgrounds might have confidence to read Scripture faithfully and apply it to their lives.

Please pray for wisdom in how to articulate what I am learning clearly and to develop the ability to learn from those who have thought about it before me. Please also pray as I work alongside Paul in ministry and as we teach our three beautiful children, Matilda, Audrey and Silas to do theology themselves!

Rebekah Earnshaw

Began a PhD in September 2014 at St Andrew's in Scotland

“Since September 2014 I’ve been a full time student at the University of St Andrews Scotland…”

More about Rebekah

Under the supervision of Professor John Webster I’m investigating ‘Creator and creation according to Calvin on Genesis’. The PhD program includes opportunities to travel to conferences, libraries, and intensive courses in UK, Europe, and USA. I’m loving my work in theological writing and research. I hope to return to Sydney after my studies and serve Christ and his people.
Give thanks for the many opportunities God is providing during this time, pray that I might continue to trust him and diligently make the most of all He puts before me.
Give thanks for God’s gracious practical provision of housing, expenses, a church family, and a community of peers.
Please pray that God would continue to provide for all my needs including £30,000 needed to make these studies possible.
All prayers and financial contributions are immensely valuable.

(Note July 2016: With the death of Prof. John Webster, Rebekah is now under the supervision of Prof. Mark Elliot)

Read Rebekah’s most recent prayer letter…

issue 37 Rebekah’s Ramble May 2017

Other Women at Moore

There are also women enrolled in Moore College’s MA (Theo) degree. This is not a research degree but is aimed at men and women in pastoral ministry. These students normally complete their degree doing classes at Moore in 2 x 3 day intensives. If you would like to begin a fund / contribute to a fund that women doing a MA (Theo) at Moore could apply for, please contact us below. Thank you very much for your consideration of these matters.

We are also very pleased that in 2016 we have 2 women using our post-graduate study room who are working on PhD’s – one through Macquarie University and one through Charles Sturt University.

From 2016 Moore is now able to award it’s own PhD so we hope to have  women doing PhD studies with us in the very near future.

Get in touch with us

If you would like to contact The Priscilla and Aquila Centre, then please email the Director, Jane Tooher on