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If you have a ministry position for a woman (whether that position is in Australia or overseas) that encourages women in complementarian ministry, and you would like it advertised on this page, please email Jane Tooher using the details in the contact form below. There is no cost.

Available positions

Some positions, such as some chaplains, require ordination to the diaconate. If you have questions about ordination, please contact Archdeacon Kara Hartley who oversees the ministries of women in the Anglican diocese of Sydney.


Graphic designer
Type:   Part-time
Organisation:   St Thomas' North Sydney
Location:   North Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Closing date:   No closing date
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Type:   Full-time
Organisation:   Mary Andrews College
Location:   Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
Closing date:   July 24, 2019
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Student Ministry Worker
Type:   Long-term
Location:   Church Missionary Society (NSW/ACT branch)—Latin America
Closing date:   No closing date
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Student Ministry Worker
Type:   Long-term and/or short-term
Closing date:   No closing date
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Student Ministry Worker
Type:   Long-term
Closing date:   No closing date
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Defence Force Female Chaplains
Type:   Full-time
Closing date:   No closing date

For more information, please contact Senior Chaplain Collin Acton, 0410 028 957.

Non-Bible teaching Roles
Closing date:   No closing date

Many other positions (non Bible teaching roles such as administration or graphics etc.) in Christian organisations are advertised with Sydney Anglicans.

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Church Missionary Society (CMS)

Numerous positions with the Church Missionary Society (CMS). Once CMS website is open, please click on ‘Opportunities’. They include positions in Bible & Theology, Education (e.g. University, Schools), International Churches, Professional (e.g. Health, Business), Technical (e.g. IT, Media, Trades), Church Planting, English as a Foreign Language, Local Church Support, Student Ministry and Youth & Children.

Other Job Vacancies

Anglican Youthworks – mainly children & youth but administration positions as well
Anglicare – numerous voluntary and paid positions, and you can register for when positions come up that you’re interested in, e.g. type of ministry, full-time or part-time, paid or voluntary. You’ll be sent an email,  https://www.anglicare.org.au/career, or for voluntary positions, https://www.anglicare.org.au/work-us/volunteer
The Briefing
Anglican Education Commission
Ministry Blue
genr8ministries.org – supporting school ministries in NSW. They have many 10 hour positions throughout the state.
For UK positions:
UK edition of The Briefing from Matthias Media / The Good Book Co. Positions vacant are advertised online.
Evangelicals Now
Pre-college apprenticeship positions in the UK
Positions vacant for women in Christian organisations (mainly non Bible teaching positions):
Christian Jobs Australia

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