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2 May 2019

Do widows matter today?

The world for women has changed. Marriage and motherhood have been replaced by divorce and independence. Living alone is becoming normal. Is God still a “defender of widows”? Does true religion still involve “visiting widows and orphans”? Does the church still have a responsibility for its widows—and if so, what is it?

The aim of this talk is to understand the Bible’s view of widowhood, and see the world today—and a widow’s place in it—from the viewpoint of the Bible. Some helpful resources for the care of widows are given at the beginning of the talk—especially in the interview that was presented prior to the talk.


Phillip Jensen is a Bible teacher, an evangelist, and he serves with Two Ways Ministries, which exists to grow the network of Christians who, by living single-mindedly for Christ, will teach the Bible in such a way as to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. He is the author of Two Ways to Live along with other publications, including Guidance and the Voice of God.


Monique New interviews Elizabeth Sung, who is a widow, about an effective, transferrable, initiative called GriefShare that Elizabeth has introduced in her church to help care for and nurture widows.

Talk: Widows: Honour widows who are truly widows (1 Tim 5:3)

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